Seizing the day

On a blustery day, in a pocket of sunshine, I nip out into the garden to collect things blown in for drawing in the warm.

But on my way back, I spot a tiny snail on tidying-up duty, working through strawberry leaves in troughs that will host Spring flowers. So I crouch and draw outdoors, sheltered from the wind.

Wondering if there are more discoveries where that came from, I find the valiant little squash, still there in November. Pushing my luck, I draw it until fingers freeze and sleet arrives. I note in my head what’s still to draw and skitter back to the kitchen to add the little hairs to stems and flowers.

So back to the original plan: the leaves, three shapes, three colours, drawn while still fresh from the garden. I notice something I’ve never really thought about before – that the end of each leaf has a little collar, like the stopper on a stick brooch. Looking is always worth the time.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner.

I’ve been illustrating some bigger habitats for 26 Habitats, a project by writers’ organisation 26 with The Wildlife Trusts. There's a Q&A on my work here.

New in my Teemill shop, my Holly berries, ivy flowers collection, sketched from seasonal treasures. Printed to order on organic cotton garments and delivered in plastic-free packaging.