Pop go the colours

The garden seems to have got the message... I've been sketching indoor flowers this week in a fragment of time between design tasks. Then, as I glance out on a slow Saturday morning, narcissi. The pop of colour draws me out into the garden and as I get my eye in, purple too, the first crocuses.


The snowdrops count, I've decided, because of their green scallops. But I draw them because from above, they're like wing nuts, or tiny propellers, beautifully-engineered.

The mini narcissi are my answer to a prevailing wind that floors taller species. Even concentrated watercolour isn't bright enough for them so I sketch first with a highlighter to push the yellow out.

I use purple ink neat for the gorgeous satin of the crocuses, then dab the colour back, adding layered colour and white line. But the surprise is the elegant, slimmer repeat curve below, something I've never noticed before. It brings to mind the beauty of thrown pots or blown glass.

Today, it's been mild enough to take a chair out; not to have to dart indoors to warm frozen fingers. Here's to outdoor drawing days.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down paper.

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