Beginnings and endings

I've been sowing seeds, some in pots, some in the ground. It's the third anniversary of this project – a good time to wrap it up. I look for something conclusive to draw. I have in mind a whole garden sketch. But in Spring, nature is in no mood to give me a conclusion...

A narcissus is sporting a stripe, one petal half brilliant yellow, colour zinging from the flower's lime green base.

There's one peach tulip, on second look a gloriously-multicoloured thing, pink edged, mauve ribbed.

In the shade at the end of the now-wilder garden, the bluebells have been multiplying and the first flowers are out, the almost-purple blue that's one of my favourite colours, fading to green, sharp Winsor blue line.

Only weeks ago, there was just one daisy. Now, they're dotted around a lawn recovering from a fox's scratching, petals dipped in pink.

Nature is doing, will do, its work. And this project has simply reported, from the constantly-moving, richly-coloured, joyously-irregular world that is a garden.

Three years.
648 sketches.
Two boxes.
One blog, made because I couldn't work out quite what to do with it all.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down paper.

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