A closer look

It's chilly, back to Winter after last week's glimpse of Spring.

So I pick a stem of narcissus and a fallen-over crocus for a closer look indoors.

I've picked the crocus for its saffron – but as soon as it's in water, it flings out its petals, demanding my attention for the whole flower. The brush of saffron has a ridged, base streaked with yellow – I have two highlighters out for that. For the petals, one purple is never quite enough so I add layers mixed with magenta, and with Paynes Grey.

The narcissus is surprisingly geometric. I think of them as pairs of shapes, outer petals and darker trumpet at the centre. But the petals are two overlapping trios and inside, the trumpet is hexagonal, right at the bottom, a sparkle of green. I can see the hexagon from the back too, past the papery wrapper that once protected the bud. The outer petals' yellow has the palest wash of grey in its shadows.

So yearn though I do for warmer weather, I've got to know my nearly-Spring flowers that bit better. Drawing does that – it's my way of exploring.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down paper.

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