Hearts and flowers

Loo rolls. Not the most glamorous things to write about in this week of hearts and flowers. But I save them for sowing sweet peas. Their delicate roots don't like being moved so these, I can plant whole. Cardboard and compost aren't the most glamorous things to draw either – I mix the watercolour equivalent of mud – but they show off the first, fresh green seedlings, astonishing every time.

I wonder if I might find some heart-shaped leaves in the garden and here they are. Cyclamen, edges blushing with the flower's pink. There's a wing-like leaf of ground cover. And it's only when I give the clover attention as I sketch that I notice its keyhole top and tie-dye greens. All hearts, each individual, each its own source of wonder.

Just a few seedlings and some leaves – but full of gentle loveliness.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down paper.

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