Beautiful hooligans

Three-cornered leeks. I have no idea how they got into my urban garden but they’re hooligans, spreading their way around.

Handy, then, that they do their partying in one space when there’s not much else going on. First, drifts of their triangular leaves, then chandeliers of green-streaked white flowers.

They’re from the allium family, like the love child of wild garlic and Spring onions. And they’re delicious. So by way of clearing what will be a sweet pea area, they’re coming up, roots and all, and going straight from plot to pot.

I've sketched them quickly in ballpen and watercolour, with a fineliner for the leaf texture. And the mud? I swear by a bit of kitchen scourer – very satisfying, in a messy-fingered sort of way.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on waste paper.

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