Winter posy

Frost-chilled, wind-blown, wild weather forecast, the doughty little roses in my garden looked ready to jettison their petals. So as it was too chilly even for wrapped-up drawing, I snipped off a couple for a posy.

Even the colours look cold. The full rose petals are bleached to the palest wash of yellow, the odd blush here and there. Buds are stained bright pink, like lipstick smudged on to brighten a Winter face.

The posy is joined by a berry I found on the jasmine. Black at first glance, it’s a deep, rich purple against grey-green-lime curling leaves. I see the berries rarely so I look them up. Once used to make ink, my search says. Expect an experiment…

The paper I’ve used this week is badly-behaved. I’ve drawn on the back of old digital print proofs. In production, the paper gives me vivid colour but paint sinks in and dries back so I have to second guess my mix of pigment and water.

But that’s all part of the adventure of working with waste materials – and the adventure that is working with nature.

Ballpen, watercolour, fineliner on waste paper.

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