’Tis the season

On Christmas Eve, I head out into the garden to see if I can find some merriment and there is is: bulbs peeking out, scraps of soil cast aside like Christmas wrapping.

The snowdrop bulbs were a present, planted all over the garden for good cheer at the turn of the year.

Sprays of fresh leaves are up in the shade, just as the jasmine is down, leaves shedding as cats and foxes bustle through.

The soil is a deep purply black, speckled so I use a kitchen scourer to dab on texture.

As I crouch by the pots to draw furled shoots and tiny seedlings, I spot a single clover, with heart-shaped leaves.

It's a strange, complicated time of year for humans, full of cheer, sadness, togetherness and isolation. So thank you, nature, for that reminder that the seasons turn and there is much there to love, and to draw.

Ballpen, watercolour, fineliner on handed-down watercolour paper.

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