On nature day

It’s nature day at COP26 so I take a look at what nature is doing in the small world of my urban garden.

Fashionably late, the cosmos is in flower. I associate it with Summer but looking it up, some varieties are happy in cooler weather. Getting closer to draw, I notice that its petals have their shoulders in, like a group of people shuffling in for a photograph. Its buds, round at first glance, are fat, flat discs, wrapped neatly with leaves, like posh cheese.

Back in Spring, I sowed a few spare amaranth seeds in small pots. I thought they might be overcrowded but instead, nature has done a clever thing – the plants have adapted to the size of the space, like a tiny garden with scaled-down leaves and flowers.

This miniature world is going on at the other end of the garden too, a baby holly tree popping up where pigeons have dropped berries as they snack.

As the world discusses all things wildlife, I resolve to be a better auntie to my small patch of urban garden, learning more about its plants and creatures so that I can do my bit to help.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on waste paper.

I’ve been illustrating some bigger habitats for 26 Habitats, a project by writers’ organisation 26 with The Wildlife Trusts. There's a Q&A on my work here.

In my Teemill shop, my Winter range, sketched from saved seeds and snippings of plants brought indoors, printed to order on organic cotton garments and delivered in plastic-free packaging.