Inside out, outside in

A soggy Saturday calls for drawing what I have indoors…

And that starts with a view, surprisingly zingy, through raindrop-scattered geraniums. I bought them last year when desperate for windowsill colour. They’re flanked by two houseplants put out because I’m so terrible with them that however chilly it is, they’ll fare better where they are. So far, they’ve thrived and today they’re glossy. It’s the sort of day when it never really gets light so after the line work, this drawing starts with a muddy wash for the garden beyond.

Earlier in the week, I’d brought in a couple of snowdrops just on the turn, to draw a timelapse for a friend’s birthday so today is a chance for a closer look at them, two species, set apart by their green markings as well as their size and shape. At first glance flat colour, they're little signatures of lime and grass green. The white petals have the palest grey-mauve. The inner petals are translucent, with a hint of the yellow underneath. Watching them indoors, I've been able to see how warmth is the snowdrops’ signal to open. After this time with them, I’ll appreciate all the more the many, merry little flowers about to pop out in the garden.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on waste paper.

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