Something old, something new

Pink. There’s a lot of it in the garden at the moment and it’s always more complicated than it looks. Perfect, then, for trying out some portable materials before a live sketching assignment at a wedding.

I’d actually gone out into the garden to draw forage, starting with the new growth of lemon balm. But the wild sweet peas, a marvellously-shouty pink, got in on the act…

My plant stall penstemon have spent most of the Summer biding their time but now, they’re having a moment, throwing out new stems and flowers for late season. Velvet-textured, the flowers are a strong cherry pink from a distance but time drawing them showed me their crimson lining,

And the one solitary rose, from soft pink to cheery-bright, with a bloom of peach, all in one flower.

The materials? This week, with biro and fineliner, some new, vivid watercolour pencils and my old tube watercolours in their folding metal box.

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My April illustration of the whole garden is on show at Town House Open, Spitalfields, London, from 10 July until 12 September.