Oddly oblong

I went out to draw the fennel. Over the week. It’s been showing me how its umbrellas escape their rolls of leaf and today, there are tiny yellow bobbles of flower, a few starting to throw out pollen for the pollinators (for which I use an bit of kitchen scourer dipped in liquid watercolour).

But I'm distracted by my giant sunflowers greeting the morning sun. They're the first I've ever grown successfully. Sometimes I wonder how such enormous things don’t blow over. Today, looking as I draw, I notice the ribbed stems, like a piece of tubular knitting, each leaf joining with its own rib, adding to the heft of the whole.

After a week of rain and sun, the hydrangeas are popping out their first flowers. I feel I should sketch a classic flower head, showing every stage from little green pumpkin bud to three or four petalled flower. The flower heads I really want to draw, though, are the strange ones, oblong, with a flower at each corner. So with five minutes to spare before I have to dash out, I do.

In a world that so often sees beauty only in the expected, it’s cheering to be reminded that nature is wildly, gloriously odd.

Ballpen, watercolour, fineliner and highlighter on handed-down watercolour paper.

Rose sketches from this project are available as greeting cards, from the Garden Museum shop in London and at Hackney Wick Underground.

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