One day, these will be…

Cucamelons. No, I have no idea why I sowed these either, though goodness knows, come seed catalogue time I was ready for some frivolity. And glamorous they are, mini vines, already throwing out their first fronds.

The black hollyhocks will, if they do well, be ink. Growing in wavy formation, they’re from seeds swapped by Cordwainers Dye. My pink hollyhocks, seeds shared far and wide, came from Cordwainers Grow's garden next to London College of Fashion.

The butternut squash will be dinner. Drawing the furry little seedlings, seeds saved from Oddbox veg, I notice how leaves I’d always thought of as grey-green are edged with the soft yellow of their third leaves.

The chillis will be shared. I grew my first last year, dried some of my harvest, sowed lots of seeds per pot, just in case… and after weeks of nothing, here they all are, with their pointy little leaves.

The many greens in my seedlings need layers and patience. My inks dry quickly on waste paper originally made for printing so I look carefully at how the colour behaves, make bold marks and use whatever will give me the character I’m after. Including a kitchen scourer…

Biro, watercolour, fineliner, kitchen scourer on waste paper.