Hello, mini meadow

Well, not a meadow as such… but a lot more interesting than it was when it was a lawn.

I’ve been doing No Mow May for the flowers and the bees – but even in less-than-reliable weather, allowing the grass to do its own thing has given me all sorts of rediscoveries of things I knew when I was a child with time to gaze at the grass.

There is more than one kind of grass. This will be obvious to most gardeners with unruly lawns. Each is a plant, leaves wrapped around its stem, a single new shoot reaching out.

On a dandelion clock, the seed is on the inside. I only thought about it when a wind-blown seed head had turned into a living plant anatomy diagram.

Tiny, tiny flowers appear from nowhere, worthy of closer inspection.

Daisies are pink at breakfast time, springing open for the sunshine and closing up shop as the light leaves the garden.

I would miss my new, varied little habitat if I gave it a buzz cut. So come June, I’ll be treading lighter on my lawn.

Biro, watercolour, fineliner, on waste paper.