New leaves

Blustery showers blow leaves and windfalls into the garden so I head out in search of Autumn colour.

I'm diverted by the hydrangea. Topped with dry flowers that owe more to a parched Summer than seasonal turn, it's grateful for the rain. Pairs of buds are tucked into each pair of leaf joints, some springing into leaf, one little bowl of green hosting a snail. There's colour too, on flushed leaves and speckled stems.

Back to the leaves, brought inside to draw, I look at the dropped rose leaves I've chosen for colour and as I draw, I notice another world, green tracery from tiny mining creatures.

There's a triangular leaf (not one of mine – it's from a neighbouring tree). It's the colour of ginger and paprika, which turns my mind to Autumn cooking, heavy with spices.

Another visitor turns out to be T-shaped, this one rich in purpley, bronze browns.

It all makes me glad of my decision this morning to pick out some soft watercolour paper from my handed-down treasures, one that would soak up the rain-varnished colours.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down watercolour paper.

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