Going again

I had planned to draw the sage. But the pull of the borage was too much. After a Summer too hot for it, it's going again and the flowers are what I call 'hot blue' – a vivid, almost-purple that needs layers and blends of colour. Its buds and leaves are hairy, which I could draw accurately but scribbling with a white fineliner gets closer to the spirit of it.

The squash haven't produced any actual squash... but perhaps as a consolation prize, they're romping around in October, throwing out bright yellow flowers. I add watercolour pencil for the pollen, to add density to the colour.

I've saved seed from the aquilegia. Some of it, I've sown straight back; some has been self-seeded. And there's a fresh late-season show of elegant new leaves, green with a dusting of blue, fresher yellow-green centres.

Will these late season surprises keep going? I'll have an eye on the weather for an answer to that. But for now, in the Autumn sunshine, they glow with life.

Ballpen, watercolour and fineliner on handed-down watercolour paper.

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